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FreeShoppers Inc., the most widely distributed free paper in Northern Illinois, has launched Vital Times to once again focus in on the needs of the 50 plus population.  Vital Times is a special pullout section of the FreeShopper that provides information, ideas, and resources to help our 50 plus readers lead happy, healthy, and more fulfilling lives.

Vital Times through FreeShoppers Inc. is a great resource for you to reach a targeted market. It is distributed in all Jewel food stores as well as 800 + locations between downtown Chicago and the Wisconsin border. With Vital Times from FreeShopper, you can rest assured that your ad will reach new and existing customers. Beyond appearing in our widely distributed print addition, your ad will also appear on our highly trafficked web site with links to your site.

FreeShopper and Vital Times have been publishing together since 1997 and are trusted names in the community. If your demographic is people who make every dollar count, then FreeShopper and Vital Times is the place for your investment!   

We are offering you the opportunity to capture our readers with the following specials:

When you purchase a full page of advertising, we will give you a FREE 1/2 page of editorial. This will allow your company to show the public what you have to offer and provide a story about who you are.

When you purchase a 1/2 page of advertising… we will give you a FREE 1/4 page of editorial.

When you purchase a 1/4 page of advertising…. we will give you a FREE 1/8 page of editorial .

We are greatly looking forward to your call, and will happily work with you to meet your needs. Please take a moment and call (847) 675-2577 for more information.

Thank you,
Rick Schwartz



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